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August 08, 2014



Awwww!! What a cutie!! I totally understand the feeling, we have an adorable clumsy dog too, and you can't help but want to share them with everyone :)I love floppy dog ears and adorable furry faces!


He's a cutie pie!

Joyce Evelyn Kelley

I am sooooo jealous. He's so cute. Looks just like our Tasso that we use to have when we lived in Shreveport, La. Enjoy that poochie.if I could be smart enough th get a picture in this message I would but it'll have to be later. Love

Diana Tió Reyes

So happy to meet you Shiner! You're so handsome!! <3

Monica E.

HI...Shiner is sooooo cute!!!
When are you going to have more art journals in your Etsy shop?? I LOVE yours and the one you made for your daughter, with watercolor paper.
I sent you a mail....


I had a White German Shepherd who lived to be 12 years old, named Timber. He was the BEST of the best and I miss him so. Enjoy Shiner, for I can tell he is going to be all that for you as well. Love the big ear stage before his face grows into them, lol

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