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December 29, 2013



Those fabrics are FANTASTIC!!! I know how hard it is to decide what to do with such wonderful stuff, but you gotta just get in there and DO IT....I like where you're going with this. It's a yummy feast for the eyes!


Lovely fabrics. I have a ton of them too. I usually make journal covers with them. To challenge myself I am thinking of making embroidered journal covers, maybe in a simple kantha style. Something I could actually DO you know. ;-) Look forward to see what you come up with.

Wendy Dawson

Hello hello, just found you lovely blog and enjoying it immensely. Your fabric scraps are a challenge.Good luck. My mother and grandmother made them into rectangular potmits about 8"x 9" with hand made bias binding around the edges. They are lined with old cotton flannelette or wool scraps and are used to lift pots off the stove or pans and dishes out of they oven. They last forever, are well loved and used and are a memory of dresses and shirts worn in the past. Good luck with your beautiful fabrics. Wendy

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