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September 09, 2013



WOW! I bet you were freaking out, but man, you guys pulled it off! Missing Pueblo bad right now!


What an awesome idea.
Wish I was in your neighbourhood to share in such an exciting evening.

Somehow the true spirit of community has been lost over the years and I believe you have certainly rekindled a spark of what it means to be hospitable.

Gwen Delmore

I am so pleased for you! I am a long time reader, and missed you in your absence. I read your post about how your move didn't turn out as you had hoped, and I am beyond happy that this open house party was able to show you that even people who SEEM unfriendly and unwelcoming are longing for community. I wish I lived in Pueblo, because your party sounded so much fun!
I am so glad you were able to do this, and plan to do more of it. Thanks for the great tips for others to try something like this, too. I currently live in a small studio apartment and deeply miss the ability of entertain. I am hoping to move in the next year to a larger place, and I plan to have open soup nights in my larger space, as well as being able to host family holidays and such!
I am just super happy for you, and if I didn't already say it, I loved the way your backyard stage looked and the graffiti artist, WOW!!

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