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September 26, 2013


Kat Taiaroa

I hear you from all the way across the seas.What you are going through, your thoughts and feelings are big and Im pleased you are not taking them lightly.I think good to sit with this painful process so you can look back and see why and what it all was for. I understand the loss of a dear friend.My close friend Ruth left for England 10 years ago now I think.I was completely devastated and bawled like a baby for weeks. I was shocked at the depth of my emotion and feeling.It taught me so much about myself and why I was like I was.Some of what you are sharing about core beliefs of aloneness was true for me also. Through it I have become stronger,other people have had the space to enter my life and my friend and I have a much stronger and closer friendship than would have been realized had she stayed,We write all the time.Emails flying back and forth and it has deepened our friendship immeasurably. We have travelled together emotionally through divorce death stories of faith and hope our children.And she has visited four times tow just to see me( how special is that) dont give up hope and you write well and express yourself beautifully. Keep doing that stories are encouraging. Love KAT ps saw this today you may like


So what am I allowed to confess, that you know my own hearts deep fear and anger, or that you, and me, and just about any other living human woman would understand?! "You are where your suppose to be",hence why I painted a picture saying just that, so that I awoke to see it daily. It helped keep me from running into the hills. I am sorry, but only for the part of the story we don't know yet.The pieces of your life you CANT figure out.... However, I have deep prayers and hope, that this is only the tip of an iceberg, that will melt away. I can not, to my regret, offer MUCH ENCOURAGEMENT, for I long deeply to be near Renee and her family. I don't miss Pueblo, but I miss the church and you. But God is NOT ABANDONING YOU, DO NOT BELIEVE SATANS LIES! You are already a better version of yourself, and when, God finally puts Shannon and Johnathan where they belong, we will watch the story unfold a little more. I love you


Oh darling, I adore you.

When I moved 1800 miles away from family and friends, with just my mother and dogs, I didn't know what would happen. I would think of my best friend and cry, so sad that I'd lost that close sister-friend who knew ME as I am, who accepted me and was there when stuff fell apart.

My life is not easy. My body has issues, and I'm often plagued with health issues that flare up all the time. I live with an addict who's recovery is turbulent. My parents are older and need help. And I have lived without faith for awhile, now.

But I have seen things get better. I have often wondered why such terrible things will happen, only to have perspective years later. I HAVE to trust the God has a plan, that the obstacles He puts in my way are there to help guide me in the right direction. And turning back to Him, to prayer, to seeing the simple, wholesome and beautiful tasks of your day is a wonderful direction. Churches lose their pastors all the time, but God is always directing someone else into your path.

I am always here to talk. And listen. :)

susan crane

You are kind of my super hero of the brave brave post. You inspire more sincere honesty on my pages and in my life. Wow. Just wow.

Marianne Hornbuckle

Having gone from one side of the abyss to the other at one momentous period in my life, and at about your age, and remembering the pain and confusion and despair I felt at the time, I am so moved by your honesty and bravery. Your gifts of expression both in your blog, and in your art are, from my vantage point at 71, evidence that you are big enough to meet your challenges and have the courage to move forward. God definitely has BIG, and wonderful plans for you.

Susie LaFond

I echo the wise wisdom that has already been shared here. Hang in there girl; you're not alone even tho I know it feels that way and it's hard to feel anything but that sense of abandonment at times, especially when other things are going wrong too, (so sorry about the truck situation) that sucks. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this blog www.messycanvas.com and found someone I feel I can call a soul sister; someone else whose life has been anything but perfect, your honesty is like a beacon of sorts. it brings to the light others who are on that muddy path with you. You're not alone and you've got a lot of folks willing to be there for you. Many hugs and much understanding coming at you.

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