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August 15, 2013



great idea! God knows I read a lot. I usually have 3/4 books Im juggle through until one takes me by surprise and pins me down until Its done with me:)


I've kept what I call a reading log for years. I used to put it just between my normal journal entries, but then I could never find anything if I needed it, so I adopted the habit of keeping a seperate book for keeping track of the books I read. I usually do a little book report on it, write done quotes I liked and some general information as to the title , author, number of pages, where I got the book and when I finished it. I also give a rating from 1 to 10 to give a genereal impression of how much I liked it.
I try to keep track of books I want to read to, but I do that outside of the reading log. That's just for books I've read.
I recently cut down my working hours and I notice that I have so much more time to read now (and for art too of course). I love it. So far this year I've read about 27 books, that's both fiction and non-fiction, and ten of those were from the past two months, so things are looking up, haha.

Sarah Anderson

I've always wanted to keep a reading journal but never have. Sometimes I overthink things and that stops me even starting and I think that's one of the reasons. Just a list is a great idea!

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