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July 29, 2013


Ryan Jameson

Thanks for sharing so honestly. We're honored to know you and your family & look forward to more of your thoughts!


Praying for you.


Truly you can say with humble gratitude: "I do still have something to contribute to the world" and you just did, sharing your story and your heart. Grief is hard, devastating and debilitating without additional struggles! Mother loss is beyond words and I know in some ways what that loss did to your heart. But to add the burden and complicated aspects of what you have shared is somewhat unthinkable. You seem to have received some of the help you have needed and I pray your support network has been strong. May the days, months and years continue to strengthen you and reveal the life borne in these darkest times you've weathered. I knew exactly who to pass along your story to and I know helping her feel just a little bit less alone is a priceless gift. Thank you!
Barb H (Castel Rock, CO)

Nick Naglich

Thanks for making Pueblo more beautiful.

Melissa Tyndall

Hi Sweetheart,
I am so sorry you have felt alone- please know that you are much loved by the sovereign God of the universe and although your extended family may often be remiss in telling you- we love you very much!
Please forgive the long story - I hope you will find it encouraging -
Several years back God called me to a position on staff of the church I attended, and for 21 months I gave it all I had. So much so that I ended up physically ill and very burned out spiritually and emotionally. At that point in life, although I knew I had understood The Lord calling me to serve Him in ministry, I had a hard time understanding how it had seemingly gone so wrong, and the guilt was enormous. For a while, I had to take anti-depressants just to be able to function in the basic things in life. But God did not give up on me- even when I thought I had "missed my chance" or messed things up and was now "too old" for Him to use. Amazingly enough, after I resigned from the position on staff at the church, The Lord used two very difficult corporate job situations to start me back on the road to healing and then directed me to a wonderfully loving church that helped to heal up those old wounds...I would not have dreamed that was how He would bring me back to life spiritually and emotionally, but that's what He did. I have finally turned the corner in the past year or so and life in Christ is once again full of hope - not always easy- but because of His love and patience towards me, I am now once again living it with hope-
All that to say, I understand at least in part, wondering if you can ever be used again- let me assure you- YES! If God didn't cast ME aside, He surely will NOT cast you aside either. You are precious to Him-
You hang in there sweetheart- I know you must be so weary- but trust that He will not let go of you. You are His beloved-


Oh Deborah, what can one to say in the presence of such beauty such as yours? Ive known a long time now that my personality is like sandpaper rubbing against the warm, exchangeable, delicate Life force that you are. I can never fully explain the way after I met you, God drew a picture of you in my heart, and said, "you will always pray for her, and I will give you words" I hardly remember the first months of meeting you, only remember the sincere dedicated prayer that followed. But how ingenuous of me to think I was obeying our Father, in silent service. For it is still you who frees my heart today! If you had any idea of the depth in which you touch people you would not ever lose hope! But with such rare, and courageous honesty, you once again pave paths to new beginnings.
I cherish you my friend, and look forward to seeing you again someday. Love, Danielle Gooch


Welcome back my beautiful friend! Thanks for telling your story. I'm sorry it's been so hard. You're not alone. Love you and pray for you.


Welcome back Debra. So sorry for your loss and the hard times. Wishing you well.

Account Deleted

I'm sorry for the loss of your mom after her lengthy health battles. Thanks for being so open with your struggles ... a giant step toward healing and rebuilding. I wish you the best ... Barb


Debra, I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. I've lost a parent and I know that sometimes it's just too much to talk about, because it makes us feel the loss over and over. I am glad, however, that you came back and posted. You are definitely not alone in your journey, I assure you. I've wanted to let you know how much your blog has inspired me as an artist, and I love your art journals and how deeply personal they are. I do hope you are seeing the light in the darkness; I think you are brave and beautiful and have given the gift of yourself through this blog. Know that you have friends out here in the "interwebs" thinking of and rooting for you.


Debra: So sorry for your hard year and the loss of your mother. What a brave brave post. You are definitely not alone in your above struggles and your writing just aches with raw honesty and light. I really missed your blog and checked back periodically to see if you were back. I saw you occasionally on Pinterest and had hopes you would be someday. I know what shattered dreams can do to a heart....I'm just above to dust off these ancient bones and try one more really big dream, one more really big U-Haul, one more really big sky. Glad to have you and your beautiful blog to look forward to during this next chapter.

sara jean

Happy to see you back! I deal with a lot of the same things you do friend, so I know how you feel. Iv'e been there. Thank you for sharing and I hope you find your way back to art and creating! You have something wonderful to share with the world, yourself.


Oh my sweet girl, I've always loved you but after reading this I love you even more for having the courage to open up your whole heart. Debra you are in the palm of Gods hand and he never let's any of his children go. Sometimes we wander off a little before we realize it, but you have stayed so strong through all this where some would have totally crumbled. I know you've gone through times like that too but you never let go. You are a beautiful strong Christian young lady to be admired. I hope and pray that "things" can change somehow with the help of The Lord and other things can be put to rest. I know you miss your mother, like I miss her, the only little sister I ever had since high school (your mother). I love you Debra and you know we're here for anything although far away. Love. AJEK and James too

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