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January 15, 2013


Julie luca

Would love a copy of this book, thanks for the give away! I have always wanted to do some printing, so I got out my gelli plate I have never used and hope to explore lots of art . Julie

Tammy Murdock

this is a wonderful giveaway! very inspiring, thank you! (my fingers are crossed... Jan. 31st is my birthday so maybe I will have extra luck that day (-: )


This book looks awesome! This year I'd like to learn how to bind books.

Melanie K

I really want this book so thanks for a chance to win it! I want to learntojournal everyday and not just when I find the time.


Seems like a great book! I would like to learn how to use a sewing machine with my artwork, i've seen some awesome examples.


Lets see... I would love to learn some new background techniques and how to use beeswax. This books looks like its full of inspiration. Pleade include me on your giveaway. I would love the chance to win!

katie r

I want to learn to journal more of my pages. I seem to make more backgrounds than journaling. Would love to win. Thank you tor chance.
Katie at mchsi ... com

Lori W

Oooh! Thanks for the chance to win! I'd love to learn how to keep my craft room organized..ha!:)


There are so many things I want to learn...like how to finish just one of the many art journals I have started... clara [at] clarawallace dot.com


Keeping a visual journal for the WHOLE year is one of my goals this year. I need to stay inspired! This package would really get me going on the right path. For sure!


i would like to learn how to free motion stitch.

Sr. Helga Leija

Hi! I am not one for resolutions but this year I promised myself the time to make more art (art journal), to delve into English poetry (I studied Spanish, so I'm into Spanish literature and poetry.) I would like to learn mpre about what moved the hearts of those great man and women and be inspired in a whole new way.


I'm in love with the purple doily! I have a lot to learn: to be more mindful, not to procrastinate, to make time for creativity. I have two art journals started with lots of stuff tucked in them that need finished and an altered book started many years ago I want to finish. I'm crossing my fingers, this is the first drawing I've ever entered.


where to start!?! i want to learn how to do a little bit of everything! i just got a brand new expensive camera and figure that it is time to learn how to use it! i want to learn how to take AMAZING photos and incorporate them into a fun eclectic journal! thanks for the give away! how exciting! i love the way that you bundled the beautiful scraps!


I have big plans to learn to sew clothing for myself. Nothing elaborate, just some basics (skirts, tops) that I can wear on weekends and to work. Fabric is already purchased. Also, there's all the journal that I make that are still empty. I should really do something about that!


I am just starting to have a bit of a play with journals and journalling, it is all a bit new to me really....


Hello, i would love to learn how to make one of those beautiful journals i see. I just started with my first journal, that is..i bought a little notebook for this but it is still empty. I just don't know how to start, i completely block as soon i see that first white page. I also started with making atc's and had my first swap, now i just would like to do this art journaling as well.I admire all those journalists with their lovely books full great art, i love the colourful backgrounds i see, but mine end up just mud or aweful spots of colour. I really need a good book and help.


oooh! Wonderful giveaway! I am doing a 52 recipes challenge this year (new recipes, new dishes) and documenting it with a food journal (using an ROD journal I made and have yet to use). So, there are many things in the kitchen that I would like to learn how to do. One concrete thing that comes to mind is making Japanese style omelette rice, but to cook it like a restaurant chef. The maneuver is amazing! If you are curious go to minute 8. (http://youtu.be/Qnz2ScJ3v3k)

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


Oooh wow it's pretty!


Yummy looking book and packet of goodies! I'm back on the job market after losing my job to technology after 18 years so I am learning to create with what I have on hand instead of buying new materials like I always used to do. It is actually very freeing and the simple act of creating is literally saving me during this process!!


I've been collecting paper for a while now...I think my resolution should be finally pulling the trigger and doing an art journal! I see the beautiful ones you and others make and I want mine to be perfect--so getting over that and actually doing it this year!


My resolution is to try to be more involved in the local art scene! It's not terribly easy... lol

I need a huge change in life.


This year I'm looking forward to learning monoprints on the gelli plate ... I've ordered one which should arrive this week, so I'm hoping to just jump in, start creating and get over my fear of color.
Looks like an interesting book with lots of great folks contributing.


i would love to learn how to paint or scketch, to really fill my journals.


I love your art. I would like to learn how to journal visually this year. To chronicle life and feelings with pictures. I wish you the greatest of blessing in 2013.


fabulous looking book I say!!! Juts journaling on a regular basis will be a milestone for me, and I imagine a learning curve in itself...


This year I would like to learn how to make my own stencils and also to crochet. This book looks amazing!


My mom got a sewing machine for Christmas....so I'd like to use it and incorporate sewing into my journals!!!


The book looks great! I'd like to learn to use my new serger. So far I've managed to make some leggings for my granddaughters and done a little gathering. I love to journal and hope to do it more often this year. I'm starting off well.

Susan M

I would love to learn some concepts of composition and how to develop a background for my journaling that follows these concepts. It would help me so much with planning my pages, I think. I'm never quite sure where to begin. Thanks for this offer. I haven't seen this book before. And the goodies look great!


This is great! I would love to take a doodling class or go to an art class retreat this year. You know try something new with a group of people and make friends with kindred spirit. thanks again.


I've been a reader of yours quite a while, and your journals are so inspiring. The thing I would like to learn this year is web design. I'm a graphic designer, and this is a skill I desperately need. Also, I plan to do more art journaling. May 2013 bring you much prosperity!

Shelby H.

I just started art journaling a few months ago using an altered book. This year, I am currently on my way to learning to bind my own journal with all kinds of fun ephemera! Your beautiful journals are my inspiration! Also, I'm expecting my first child in March, so I get to spend the whole year learning how to be a mommy! (:

Trece Wyman

This year I want to art in an altered book. So far I have removed every 3rd page. I'd love to win this giveaway, for the sheer inspiration alone!!

Kim Mailhot

Congratulations on your role in Jenny's book !
I have kind of left my art journal aside since the summer. Many days, I miss it and yet, I have found that I am spending time creating in other ways and don't have enough time for journal pages. I bought myself a small 6X6" journal that I am going to try and focus on, doing at least a few pages a week. Maybe the small format will give me time !
So what I want to learn is how to create time and space for my art journal again !
Thanks for the giveaway and a happy and creative New Year to you !

Chris in Durango

I work in my art journal about once every two weeks (or so). I always want to do more, but so many things get in the way! I love to learn new techniques to use in my journal, and would like to write more about my emotions. I guess what I need to learn is how to let go of the fear that "someone" may come along and read it and misunderstand what I was writing about. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book - I sure would love to win it!

Christy Brink

I love a chance to win this book. I want to learn so many things, but most of all learn to trust my intuition and let go of "perfection" and my all or nothing pattern.

Alisa Logue

Oooooh, lovely goodies! I was just visiting Jenny's blog and thought "I want this book!" I am making an effort to do more art journaling this year. But... my ambition to learn... to knit and crochet this year. I have my tutor all lined up for next month! I'm so excited. Crossing my fingers for your candy! -Alisa (alisalogue@charter.net)

mary ellen little

To trust in what I do......look and learn from other artists, but once I start,just let my own ideas flow and ebb. I get caught up in trying to imitate what inspired me, instead of letting my own ideas come out.

This is a very nice give-away, and I hope whoever is the lucky winner really apprecaites it. Thank you.


I am getting more involved in doing journalling and am taking some on-line classes to help out. I admire your work and often find my way back to your site. Thanks for a chance in the give away.

Susan M

I'm ready to play!!


This year I want to silkscreen. I have always wanted to learn it and this is the YEAR!!!


I want to learn how to make bread...really good bread. At 7000 feet, it's a little challenging, but I'm up for it. :) Thanks for the chance to win this amazing book!

Bev Langby

Thank u would love to win this ,just found your blog and love it ,I'm totally obsessed with drawing and painting faces ,it's the backgrounds I have problems with lol

Thanks bev

Renelde Napoli

Nice giveaway ! This year I would like to learn many things, but mostly to let loose. To stop overthinking my art journal, to just be happy with the pages I created and the techniques I tried, instead of thinking about how I could turn it into "art"... Step by step, day by day ...


This year I am hoping to journal more and learn more ways to use art supplies. I love Jenny Doh's website and this book looks like it would be great.


What a great give away! I would like to be able to combine art and journaling more. I would like to be more creative in my art journal. I tend to just copy things, or simply journal without doing much art.

Andrea T

I've kept a writing journal since I was 13 years old but just recently started an art journal. Seriously-I am in love. I would really like to learn a way to combine the two. But I've found that the backgrounds in my art journals are too busy to allow for regular writing. Thanks for the chance to win!


I'd like to learn how to make a really cool journal like you did for your daughter.


I art/visual/? journal everyday...my own creation(?). I would love to see how it's really done. Would also love the packet you're throwing in...

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