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December 06, 2012


sara jean

Sparkly things, feathers and beads oh my!!! Btw LOVE the beads, super pretty!!! Cant wait to see what you do with them!


Love the beads spilling out of that soup can! however you are doing your pictures, they are still lovely!!

Kimberly Varhalla

I agree. The pictures look great to me! (and the beads). How fun! I think you inspired me to get busy painting tomorrow. Christmas gifts DO have to be finished in two weeks. yikes

Susie LaFond

Your beads are a colorful and sweet delight, if they were cookies they'd be too pretty to eat; they look awesome in the soup can. I have one just like it in my cabinet. Love those colors together. I'm glad I stopped by to visit; nothing better than a wee bit of inspiration to get my creative engines sputtering to life.

sara jean

Preoccupied with custom journals? YIPPIE! BTW I love those beads, i've never tried making them from fabric! They look absolutely gorgeous.

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