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November 03, 2012



wow, i love the quote, i love that you were brave (because I am not)

Kim Mailhot

The tattoo is beautiful. I am planning to get one for my 50th birthday in 3 years. Some kind of script too with my life mantra "Love is the answer to every question."
Brava for going for it, just for you, Brave One.


I LOVE your tattoo! Kudos and more power to you for being so brave and for sharing your braveness with us.

Your blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for being you and for what you share. It takes a lot to have that strength.

Big hugs


In your over exposure of the rawness that is you, burried in the depths of your humanity and experience, you are truly the most beautiful soul my eyes have had to behold. For so long now you have been dear to my heart despite the distance in connection or otherwise, it truly is an awe to watch you grow:)

Shannon Almanzar

Love ya

Susie LaFond

You go girl. Just know in this tiny square space in your life, I understand even without all the details and back story. I carry around many stones too...too many falls and no one around to catch me. Love the quote and admire and applaud your determination. As long as you've got that in your back pocket, nothing can stop you...kudos for sharing it with us.


That's a beautiful quote, Debra, glad it is helping you heal. Also, congrats on your inclusion in that gorgeous book!!


That's beautiful. I'm glad you took the plunge and got the tat.

sara jean

Beautiful choice! I also use tattoos as "physical with me always" reminders. BTW you're hooked now! Tattoos really are addicting...


Found you via a pin on Pinterest with your wonderful journals...got to reading, saw the tattoo story (I got one in April) and your comments about your depression rang true to me. Thanks so much. Having dark times and appreciating your honesty.


Love your blog! I just found it via Pinterest... I too have suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia etc and it always amazes me that so many other people have it that you would never have realized. Hang in there, a quote that has helped me get through some terribly dark times - God never gives your more than you can handle. :D

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