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July 28, 2012



I like it when two of my worlds collide on a blog :) I read your blog for the art but today it's al about the music.

Pearl Jam are my favourite band, have been for many years, in fact I only recently got back from seeing them play live in Berlin, Germany a couple of weeks back. Black is still my favourite song of theirs after all this time. And it still makes me cry every time I see them play it.

I'm happy and excited for you, and not a little envious, that you are getting to discover them for the first time!


Michelle LaPoint Rydell

Ohhhh you are speaking my language!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pearl Jam! I made a layout about the song Black in December. Here's a link if you are interested...


Ten is such a masterpiece. I'm so happy for your discovery!


I'm a big Pearl Jam fan :) My brother was really into them while we were growing up so I have heard almost all of their stuff, from the songs played on the radio, to live, acoustic, and demos. They are a great band, and I love listening to the lyrics and trying to find the meaning behind them.

sara jean

I cant believe you just found Pearl Jam!!!!! One of my all time favorites and my hubby's. He has a Pearl Jam tattoo left over from high school LOL You know the stick figure man on the Alive Album? He has that on his shoulder. So happy you found another band to love! I get obsessive too. Once I find somthing I love I completely consume all things available.

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