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July 20, 2012


Kim Mailhot

I needed this walk pep talk more than you could ever know ! I am off to get my scissors and try not to look in the mirror and wonder what people will think I look like before I go.
walks=good, free therapy !
Happy Trails !

Janet Ghio

You have a great neighborhood to walk in--lots of interesting things to look at--especially that great house!


Thanks, I needed this! I have a beautiful place to walk, an air conditioned room with a treadmill when it's too hot to walk outside, and no excuses. Today's the day! 21 days to build a new habit they say.


You are awesome - thanks for sharing this. The timing is perfect for me - I got drunk a couple of weeks ago and signed up for a 5K run. (Everybody laughs for some reason when I tell them this...)

But I've downloaded the Couch to 5K training plan, and found my runners, and now... off I go! I'll think of you when I'm walking tomorrow morning. : )


How very right on. I was never active until menopause reared it's ugly head (hated exercise, loved reading and painting). Instead of HRT my solution of choice was exercise, mostly walking and a healthy diet. Fifteen years later it's still my best med. I'm 65, took up light weight lifting six months ago and ramped up my other workout. I feel better than I have in ages and it's working better than any antidepressant, without the side effects. Walking in the fresh air, looking at the sky and praying is the best therapy ever. A healthy diet of whole foods, add some exercise and your energy, spirit and creativity will soar.

Oh yes, be sure to take your cell phone. I tripped speed walking one day before I owned one (yes I was living in the dark ages) and broke my knee. A kind neighbor "saved" me. Now I never walk without my cell. You never know.

P.S. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing. :)

sara jean

I so needed this inspiration! I have been trying to get myself walking every morning for all of the same reasons.


Really great blog post! This could help a lot of people decide to get active, and from your comments, I think it already has.


What a great post, thank you for sharing your list ! It ´s so comforting just to know that there are people that have the same thoughts, feelings and reasons. I really needed these precious words of yours, thanks!!

Kathryn Bellenger

Great read, pointed some more readers here from my facebook page.

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