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June 12, 2012



Oh I love the blanket! I used to get bored too....miles and miles of the same stitch / color....so annoying! You've done a great job!

Misty Kirkland

Looks like the bright colors of South Texas have carried over to Colorado! They also carried over to my dining room. I'll have to send you a pic.


I LOVE that blanket! (grabs crochet hook and nearest random skeen). Thanks for the great idea!!! I only know about two stitches so I stick to scarves mostly. And I too get bored easily! And don't have the patience for a pattern. Like my journaling If it's meant to be messy it's better!!! Thanks again!

Judy H

Love the blanket. I too get bored with the same stitch over and over and have done a couple of these in the past. They are so bright and cheerful.


Hello again! I mentioned your wonderful blanket on my Blog & linked back to you, I hope you don't mind!

Claire Selby

Pretty I love the pale aqua curtain! so sweet!- pinkdilla


do you have a pattern for the gorgeous mixed stitch blanket? so pretty! woodyrey3@yahoo.com.au


Hey the blanket is amazing, do you have a pattern for it?

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