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June 19, 2012



Gorgeous pages as always!!!


Your journal pages are always so inspiring! And I love the crochet projects, especially the shell stitch curtains, so pretty!

Misty Kirkland

I read your journal page & is that NOT the most annoying thing!?! Dread & fear out of nowhere. I had one of those nights last night. Took 2 hours to finally go to sleep. Just absolutley ridiculous feelings with no real basis to back them up. 2 hours out of my life I can't get back. Compound that by countless other days and nights & it's a frightening amount of time.


I found your blog a little while back but decided to drop in and tell you how much I love the journal pages and projects. I can relate to your journal page in this post. Sometimes my anxiety and fears get the best of me and I always end up feeling like it was wasted time that I can't get back. But on a brighter note, your creations are full of color and life!

Kira Nichols

*happy sigh* Your pages are always so inspiring. Love the roses page.


Oh My God! You've just kicked my inspiration butt right into my studio, to start up a new journal...just for fun.... damn...why do I seem to forget to have fun, every now and then.

Misty Kirkland

Um, I'm getting old & I'll admit it, lol. I was just looking up your blog & put A Little Information & a Pile of Junk. Could not figure out why I couldn't find you. lol. Wheww, those brain cells are just leaking out of the ears apparently.

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