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May 02, 2012


Michelle Gregory

this is a very inspiring room. one day...one day.


Fantastic room. I love when it's not perfectly tidy because it shows that there is actually life happening in the room ;)
I am currently in the process of making my first art studio in our new home, it's exciting !


I stepped over to your blog from Erin Kenepp's blog...I'm so glad I did! What a lovely art space!!! I love your quote "where there is life, there is bound to be clutter" and may have to borrow this from time to time! One artist surely understands another :-)


Oh wow Debra, how beautiful your space is! I have a nook now too, and I love it, though not as organized as yours. I need more shelves!


Sigh, it's as adorable on the inside as it is on the outside. I'm so glad I have a space I love too otherwise I'd be green with envy right now. ;-) Just beautiful!



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