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May 08, 2012



Oh swoon!


What a beautiful, happy, inspiring place!

Misty Kirkland

I recognize quite a few of those items in the photos! I've got several things that I've hung onto over the years too. I don't know why but just some become part of you. I don't know if the kids would want them. I hope they would keep them because they reminded them of me, no matter how weird (of course that's probably why it would remind them, they're weird, lol).

Judy Hudgins

I have plans for the room my youngest daughter just vacated (she left and got married) and it will be my art/sewing area. So I am drooling over your area. But wanted to ask, the crocheted stars you have on the wall. Did you make them? If so, do you have a pattern you could point me too?

Trece Wyman

How lovely to sneak a peek! I have MISSED you, since last 21 Secrets ended. You were just about my teacher!!!

Trece Wyman

That should have said "You were my favorite teacher", LOL.

Pamela Morgen

I just stumbled across your blog via pinterest. I saw the poster about Pueblo. Do you live there? I grew up there and my mum still lives there! It's such a small world and so funny how paths cross on the internet now and then. I have bookmarked your site and will be following your posts. I am also an artist and was greatly inspired by your work!

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