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May 21, 2012



I completely empathize with you! I do the same thing but with fabric and sewing stuff. (to be truthful: marginally with scrapbooking, too)

I buy gorgeous, fantastic fabrics and then am paralyzed to use them, fearing that I won't be using them in the "best" way possible. What if the "best" way will pop up after I've already used it??? As a result, there they sit. It is sheer lunacy on my part.

I need to get to your place and liberate myself. I know I will love my creations because I love the fabric. Thanks for sharing your thoughts; they echo my own.

Lisa F.

My name is Lisa and I am a hoarder. It was scrapbooking supplies and I was voracious. At CK conventions, I would hit the Dollar Spot for at least $50. I too became overloaded. I finally gave away a full car load to a local thrift store. I kept things that I mostly would use in altered art instead of scrapbooking.

I became disillusioned because I don't have children and who would want my scrapbooks? But in quilting, I have found my calling. I have always loved fabric and I think that my family would appreciate my fabric art more that a scrapbook full of people they don't know.

Michelle Gregory

i collected stuff when i first started scrapbooking 16 years ago, and then again when i started paper arts and stamping. then it all sat unused when i started to write. now i've started doing art journals and once again, i'm collecting. and you're right--so much stuff that i don't know what to start with. at least i'm not alone. :)

Misty Kirkland

Preach it sister! BTW, is that your necklace from high school that had the chrystal in it, there in the middle? It looks familiar. I still have some of my jewelry from school, still just sitting there, lol. Now in my defense- I've actually used stuff up to 5 years later. So it has been done...... just rarely, lol. I've actually started drowning in my own studio & thinking the same thing- seriously- when am I going to use this & what was I thinking when I bought it?


I did the same thing - collecting and hording and buying and reading. And not a lot of doing. I have had a few "ruthless cleanouts" of the art room. And it is a much nicer space to work in. And I love using up the things I have kept. Running out of patterned paper is pure joy. To see them in my art journals - even prettier than I thought they would be. And so much nicer torn up and glued down and inked and painted.

So nice to know I am not the only one who collected but didn't always create. I think it is an arty secret many of us have but don't talk about.

Kim Mailhot

Hi Deb ! I haven't commented here in a long time though I do visit from time to time. I just wanted to say that I love this post very much. Yes , yes yes ! Let's use the good stuff, the treasures today !

I hope you are having a glorious and creative holiday weekend.

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