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March 05, 2012



OK...you made me LAUGH on day 5 of the Limbaugh controversy...the First Amendment bumpersticker is so perfect! Thanks for this!!!


I'm on twitter since long, so welcome to a new world of quick messages flashing by! :-) And if you've time for pinterest and blogging, a little twittering will fit right in, hehe. It's all fun, especially the social bit.


Love the bumperstickers! Welcome home. I'm not on twitter and simply refuse to go there. The online world is wonderful, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Misty Kirkland

NOpe, not doing Twitter, I get sidetracked WAY to easy, lol. Hope you guys had a good visit. Man I really want to go to Austin. Its been a LONG time. Matter of fact, it was when you were preggers with Soren. What? Are you saying you didn't enjoy the sticky weather? I know I enjoy smelling like a wet dog, don't know what your problem is, lol.

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