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January 12, 2012



I've been making more misses than hits lately, but I just let them all be. I'll still post them on my blog, but won't list them in shop or anything like that. Maybe turn it into a journal page or something. Very rarely does a mess turn into something beautiful because I prefer to just move on. It's inspiring when people can just keep adding layers until they are satisfied but my attention span has shrunk a bit, LOL

Carolina Artesanías

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Susie LaFond

I love your paintings. I've visited often over the last few months, a bit shy so I simply sit back and enjoy your work as well as your gorgeous collaborative pieces. I know what you mean about moving forward sometimes it just has to happen that way...paint can be funny sometimes, having a mind of it's own beyond the talents of those wielding the brush. I really like this tho, no longer in existence, I always find it odd that sometimes what we don't like, someone else finds beauty, resonance, and details in. I've enjoyed following your recent journey over the last few months and will continue to peek in from time to time. Finding my comfort zone with paint is one of my goals for 2012. I am ready to go at it and see what happens.Your paintings inspire me, alot.

Carolyn Dube

The Universe sent me to you post today! I needed it! I had a painting that I was so excited about and then it went "bad". I was so frustrated, but now I am not. I am going to pick the parts I like and gesso over the parts I don't. Thanks for helping me out today!

cheryl@ Notes from the crystal stairs

Wow thank you for sharing this part of the process I think it's more inspiring to see other people's creative up and downs.

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