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October 06, 2011



I found an interesting book similar to yours just the other day at the thrift store.. I bought it purposefully to use for journal covers one day, when I get brave enough to do what you do. I'm in mary ann's class and I do hv the book creative wildfire.. I will hv to pull it out and read it again. Your journal is lovely.. just lovely.
I love seeing your work. xo


I'm planning on making a book tomorrow actually. I want to journal my marriage and my children's pregnancies and births in their own books and I wanted a more personal approach then just buying a book, so I'm going to dig out and actually use my paper stash for once and make some up using a hole punch and those key ring loops you can get. I bought a big bag the other day off Amazon and they're just the right size for binding loose sheets. Should be good fun!




yay! I love your journals and always wanted to try a "scrappy" sort of one, but never really understood how it "worked". I figured it was something like this... I don't come across interesting papers very often at all. Have to keep my eyes open I guess.

Shannon Ganshorn

Hey Debra,

Just wondering how you got the red straps on the outside of your binding. Did you work them in with your coptic stitches somehow or did you sew them in after? I love the look, but I can't figure out how you did it...

shannon ganshorn


I fitted them in between the stitches in the signatures then glued them to the covers once I was done. Hope that makes sense! Xo, deb


Absolutely love your journal! What an inspiration! :D I was just wondering, what type of thread did you use? I've been wondering the difference between cotton and linen, and what thicknesses of thread work with different kinds of paper. The paper I plan on using is kind of thin, so I'm thinking about sewing a few sheets together to make it thicker.


love it x


Bellissimo interessante complimenti

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