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July 05, 2011



gorgeous fabrics! and i LOVE the crockery!! and yes, naps are good for relieving funks... hope you feel yourself again soon :)
PS i'm having a giveaway to remember my mum's birthday and my 100th post, if you're interested... :)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts that we all go through but don't say for fear no one will get it! Place mats?!?!?


How About Orange put a list of tote bags up here the other day http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-to-sew-tote-bag.html
They range from super-expert sewer to 'even I could make one'
In fact, I'm working on one right now :)


I know just how you feel! been there-done that (grin)

sooooo-how about making a half apron AKA hostess apron---easy peasey & does not required much fabric or thought-hahaha-great for gift giving too!

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