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October 27, 2010


Anna Lomasney

That is going to be stunning! Is the yarn all the same weight and fiber content? I would love to make this pattern, but don't think it would look so nice with all my different types of yarn...

Shelley C

Hurray for you! So many of us have projects we just need to finish and MOVE it on out of here! Love the colorful giant!


This is really pretty! I like the mixtures of color.


this is random, but did you get my e-mail with my address on it? I sent it right away when you posted the winner. I just hadn't heard back, so wanted to make sure you received it :)


Judith. (Crete)

I can relate to this post very well. Love the ripple blanket that your making and even before I clicked on the link I knew where it was taking me. I have been a follower of Lucy's for sometime now. She does great tutourials. Good luck with your blanket and please keep us posted on your progress.

Katie M.

I LOVE this! and going to think about doing this. Hope you are doing well..don't know if J has told you but we are hoping to come out there in April. It would be fun to see all of your projects in-person.


Oh I hear you! I had to resort to building a window seat along the entire front wall of my lounge room with storage concealed beneath the seats (The seats are hinged so they lift up) in order to stash most of my yarn and fabric.
I love the coloured yarn spilling onto the hardwood floor too- that sounds so romantic when you put it like that. My kids call it all my mess! I like your way much better!

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