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May 20, 2010


Judith (Crete)

Oh dear, I know the feeling very well as mind gave up the ghost the other day also. So now I'm using my hubby's laptop. Which works when it feels like it, as it has had a glass of wine spilt over it. Not a good idea. It had a hangover for a long while. Hope you get yours sorted soon.


i just picked up jewerly myself and loving all the twisting and hammering. this is a beautiful necklace. hope all the computer issues get resolved soon. have a great weekend.


I am loving the beads, beautiful necklace! Best of luck with the computer issues!

Carpet Rug Cleaners

Those beads are incredibly beautiful. I love its colors and all. I hope your computer problem will be fixed soon.

Large Oversized Palace Rugs and Carpets

Love the jewelry, the work looks very resourceful and a beautiful testament to hand made items. Keep up the great entries!

Flying Carpets

So crafty! Your etsy store is really quite wonderful too!

Small Rugs

Totally love it! The colors are so brilliant and decorative!

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