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November 29, 2009


Cori Berg

Congrats on getting all those projects done! Wow!


Love the colors of those threads...I finished my first art journal today. Come see!!!


Ambitious! Where do you find the time. Love the apron + skirts. So cute.


That good ol' Southern cookin' will do a girl in every time! lol Lovin' all the great things you have going...especially the patchwork. I've been really itching to start a patchwork quilt with the fabulous fabrics I've been hoarding (yes, I could be on "Hoarders" but only in my studio!) Now you've got that itch even stronger. Gorgeous projects...all of them. Oh, and I like to have lots going at one time, too...that way, no matter the mood I'm in, there's always something for me to work on.
Peace & Love,
Craft Therapy


Totally cute apron! And the yarn colors are yummy!! Too bad I don't, make that won't, knit. I do NOT have time. The bins of yarn from years ago prove that, Ha! Now they are trim if I need it.

But I love coming to look at your goodies,all so colorful and inspiring no matter what the project.

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