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September 23, 2009


Wendy Burton

I truly do not mind the momentary rant. I tend to agree. Thank you so much for sharing with us the beauty of this land you have "discovered". I'm not sure if you believe in angels but I certainly do. And I see so many of them in these photos you have shared. Thanks again.

And should say I stopped by today after discovering your beauties in "Artful Blogging". I have become so inspired. I have chosen to look for much brighter in my fabric and to get back to sewing AND playing.

Angels be with you.

Lorren Havens

Wow, so pretty! You for sure were not in Ejido Buenos Aires!! Glad you all had fun and can't wait to see more pictures.


*thank you for this. i just realised i always think of mexico of beach and colourful market -- and that i hadn't ever seen pictures of anything but either of those things.

looking forward to learning more. :)


Yeah, no kidding, huh?! We got to see a whole other side of Mexico and it doesn't look anything remotely like the border!!

Debra Cooper
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We all tend to forget that there is more to countries than just what we see in the news - I have never visited Mexico but look forward to it some day and I doubt I'll be staying at the beach ;) (not my thing - lol) Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and your 'rant' is a great reminder!

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