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June 23, 2009


Mrs. B.

That place is totally cool!

Lorren Havens

Zoi (not knowing this is your blog) took one look at the pictures and said, "Let me guess, this is Ms. Debra's?" Seriously, your house does look like that!! I can totally see it becoming that way even more so. Love the colors. Love you guys!

Christie (SweetbriarStudio)

IYIYI! I loooove the dangling, hanging, colorful, crazy thing outside of their store. I'm in the process of collecting things we can't recycle in order to make some 'sculpture' outside. This has some GREAT inspiration. thanks soooooo much for including these photos (since it's doubtful I'll get to your neck of the woods soon...where IS your neck of the woods? !)


I love those colored bottles. I would want an entire window full. Can you imagine???

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