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December 01, 2008


Barb (aka Craft Junkie)

AWESOME! I love it when inspiration hits and you just can't ignore it...you HAVE to go with it right.that.moment! Yours turned out terrific...now I can't wait to see what you do in your next project.
Peace & Love,

La Mañosa

That's so beautiful! The heart attack must have been caused by the shock of seeing that you had made such a beautiful screen.


I came to your site from http://theresa162.wordpress.com/
and just wanted to say that I am super inspired. God has truly blessed you with some amazing creativity. I love to paint, but do not devote the time that I would like to doing it, but tonight I am pulling out the paints and I have you to thank.
Thank you!!!


Amazing work on that. How beautiful. Dang woman are you good with color. I want to see the other side when you do it.

Maybe in some earth greens to reflect the light in your living room and tie in the colors of your couch and wood.

Keep it up!!


So but you may get invaded by us. I am not going anywhere I love looking at your work!


I think it looks great! I wish I had that much nerve!

Hello, by the way. Don't think I've commented here before. I love finding fellow believer artists to inspire me!


That is awesome. I never would have thought of something like that!
I am sure your husband is suitably proud and happy with your decorating. It is amazing.

What a neat space you have too. I love exposed brick in houses. The ceiling in lovely too.


inspiration AND the energy to follow through. it turned out beautifully!

my husband would have had a heart attack just to see me start and finish a project without it taking a few weeks!


Beautiful! It looks like a flurry of dancing butterflies. What a great piece of art! Maybe you should pick a color from your work to tie it into the living room?

Sara Kaetzer

Gorgeous! My first thought when looking at the picture was lime green for the living room. Safer thought was to pick out one of the colors on your new divider.


Wow! This is beautiful! (I have areas in my home that could SO use that splash of beautiful inspiration too. So far...Nada...) You rock!

xo arlene


I like that the colors seem to match the line of birds hanging down the wall.
Maybe that is what told you which colors to use next, and next, and next again.


Yummy! This is really beautiful. Makes me want to get out my paintbrush. At first glance I thought it was a quilt. I hope your husband loves it as much as you do. You are talented AND funny!!!


You were so right to paint that wall. It was screaming for a masterpiece! Beautiful!

Isn't it great when something takes over body and this happens?

susan buchanan

magic. thanks for sharing you tut!

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