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July 25, 2006



Now how cool is that!! You should be very proud of yourself. What a great thing to have happen. Your work is very creative and I enjoy seeing it. I'll be sure to look for the magazine.


YAY for you!!! Isn't it awesome seeing your kids in print?!? Your ATCs are beautiful! I will be sure to pick up this issue, too! Congratulations!


Wow, I just got this issue a couple of days ago. You produced some wonderful ATC and some wonderful kids.

My favorite is "I can explain"


kudos on being published!!


How EXCITING is that!!!! Love the ACTs and can't wait to get my hands on that lovely magazine so I can read the article. CONGRATS on all your success!!!


how absolutely wonderful!! so exciting. those cards are adorable--I love the one in the last picture, top right. I know that face!

Sue Shelton

Congratulations! How exciting to see your work published, and what an honor to be on the cover. I will certainly be on the look out for that issue in our stores.


How exciting! I thought that was youon the cover! Just received mine today. Congrats!


hey!! that's so great!!! congratulations! :)


congratulations, that is fantastic news!! adorable ATCs, adorable wee ones!!


Yah again!!! Is the article on ATCs in general or using your own kids on ATCs? how fun!!! Waaaaaaaay back in 2000 I was asked to do one of the three scrapbook pages that would be considered for the cover of Creating Keepsakes. I did the page and submitted it and didn't find out who actually made the cover until I got my mag in the mail. I screamed too. :) hee I also kept the cover!
My curiosity is piqued about your second article!! go you!!

Deryn Mentock

Congratulations Debra!! Adorable kids and it looks like an awesome article!

Rande Hanson

Just got my Legacy today. Congrats on the feature and the cover!! Your kids are adorable, and you did a great job.

Laura Duet

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is so very and totally exciting!!!!! I can't wait to get this issue!!! You must be on cloud #29!!!! Wow!!! I am so happy for you!

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